Pilot: UBP E-bike sharing (Uppsala)

Uppsala Business Park (UBP), located to the southeast of the town center, is a unique set of premises with laboratories, clean rooms and various pilot facilities for pharmaceutical research and production. UBP employs over 2,500 people in more than 80 different companies.

The Arrowspeed E-bike sharing system pilot is launched at UBP with premise support from Klövern and administration support from L&T.


The site has 4 E-bikes coupled with 4 docking stations. The system has following features:

  • Book / access from the mobile app
  • On-the-frame Bluetooth Smart lock for out-of-the-station parking (keyless unlock using the app)
  • 3-speed, automatic paddling assistance (front wheel drive) /
    the e-bike can of course be used as a regular bike
  • Front cargo rack / adjustable saddle / winter tire
  • Built-in battery has an assistance range of 25 km (and up) /
    the battery powers also the front and tail lights

Interested user is recommended to visit our project administrator Jenny at Virdings allé 28 (reception). It is also possible to borrow NFC card / helmet for a test ride.

// Arrowspeed Team

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