January 29, 2018


Do you know that the invention of the electric car was earlier than the gasoline one? Yes, it can be traced well before Mr. Ford pushed his very famous Model-T into mass production. The battery technology used to be so bad that we had to find a “better” alternative. You already know the rest of the story: we could have stepped over the fossil fuel era and braced renewable energy straightaway, well, we did not. It was not until the recent decade that the battery technology broke through so people started to focus on the electric cars, again. The reason is that mankind cannot afford to have more greenhouse gases (GHG) emitters running on our roads.

The technology used to be lacking is actually the battery.  Few knows that the battery cell inside an electric car is just a bit taller than the AA-sized one every household would have. When thousands of those little guys packed together, miracle happens: it makes Model-X even more powerful than a Ford. I am not saying Model-X is just a bigger toy car. What I am saying is, it is now the era of the battery, more specifically, lithium battery, among other forms. From the one sitting inside your mobile phone to those hidden behind your laptop keyboard, one can safely say: it powers our life.

Dreamview Creative is focusing on (LFP) battery-based innovative energy storage solution. We have a vision that our battery can power our sustainable future.


Dreamview Creative Sweden office

  • Julian Hou, Founder
  • Jesper Bremme, CEO

Dreamview Creative China office

  • Smith Yang
  • Wenham Liu