ESS Pilot summer house

In the middle of 2017, Dreamview received one private inquiry for a summer house retrofit project. The mission is simple:

  • solar panel to power the summer house (no connection to the grid)
  • build a battery system to power the house when there is no sun
  • remote monitoring (if possible)

Our customer does allow us to share some of the project information here:

  • 2,6 kV PV panel
  • 5,0 kWh inverter (AEV-5048) with 5,4 kWh battery

This pilot provided us with the chance to learn from our Swedish customer. The system-in-cabinet is from our integration partner Alpha ESS. One may have realized that the system listed is not balanced. It is actually not: the installed solar panel is rather small compared to the ESS. First, the ESS may be from time to time underpowered. And more importantly, the already invested hybrid system is not being fully used.

In the second half of 2017, Dreamview has investigated the case with Alpha ESS. A new system, with lower PV installed capacity is just being launched. The new off-grid system is already scheduled in our project pipeline and we will soon launch other pilots in Sweden.


// Dreamview Team

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