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We learned a lot about what the customer needs during the delivery of the ESS pilots in 2017. And then we went to SOLELMÄSSAN 2017 so that we can better learn the Swedish market. We were humble enough to display ONLY our E-bike sharing project. We were surprised to find the market is robust, exciting but probably only in the eyes of the professionals.

The market formula is really simple: Solar panel + other things. The latter is the trick. Even though there are only a handful of PV (Photovoltaics) manufacturers. When combining the two factors, you can do the math. That said, from an end-user perspective, it is overwhelming. The expo is good place for teaching. But too much information sometime means only not so informative. Allow me to put it simply:

The solar panel option suitable for the Swedish market are those using monocrystalline silicon technology equipped with optimizer (such as Tigo TS4-O).

In 2018, we are delivering solar panel with built-in optimizer (Tigo TS4-O, or better module)  in one complete package. In fact, our ESS system has already included PV coupling in a readily available port interface.


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//Dreamview Team

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