ESS pilot at iHus

Industri hus (iHus), literally the industry house company, belongs to the Municipality of Uppsala. The company has a range of different facilities suitable for different type of businesses. Vaksala-Eke is one of it premises located just to the east of the city. There is an iconic solar panel that one can hardly miss when driving on the road 288 from Jälla to the town center. However, few knows about the ESS system under the hood. And here comes the story of the iHus project.

Dreamview has at the beginning of 2017 teamed up with InnoEnergy for a pilot project of storing solar energy using state-of-the-art lithium battery technology (ESS). Dreamview shared the vision of the Power2U project whose core mission is on energy transformation:

The new energy landscape shall consist of energy efficient buildings, producing and storing its own clean energy … where all actors are communicating and adapting to the changing requirement in real-time.

Dreamview became a system provider for the project. The system is connected to the grid and the solar energy is planned to be used locally during the peak hour while stored using the battery system if the load is flat. In the framework of the Swedish energy market, Dreamview delivered an ESS solution to a local system operator (LSO).

Under the hood of the project installation is a battery powered system-in-a-cabinet where the battery management system (BMS) is seamlessly integrated in to the energy manage system (EMS). An auxiliary battery box is included to make the system expandable / upgradable.

Dreamview has established a high-level communication channel between the ESS R&D team and the main iHus project stakeholder. The project was delivered smoothly.


//Dreamview Team

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