Pilot: Ultuna E-bike sharing (Uppsala)

Green Innovation Park is a joint venture of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Akademiska Hus in an attempt to open up Campus Ultuna for activities other than the academy. The area has been the home of agricultural education in Sweden since the 1840s. SLU (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet) was established in 1975 and the formation of Ultuna has become a second culture center in addition to the established historical central region. In recent years, Ultuna has undergone a comprehensive renovation and rebuilding with a vision to turn the area into a more beautiful and greener campus.

Dreamview is proudly team up with Akademiska Hus in delivering one of its first greener innovation project. Article of the Ultuna pilot is found here.

The site has 6 E-bikes coupled with 6 docking stations. The system has following features:

  • Book / access from the mobile app
  • On-the-frame Bluetooth Smart lock for out-of-the-station parking (keyless unlock using the app)
  • 3-speed, automatic paddling assistance (front wheel drive) /
    the e-bike can of course be used as a regular bike
  • Front cargo rack / adjustable saddle / winter tire
  • Built-in battery has an assistance range of 25 km (and up) /
    the battery powers also the front and tail lights

Well, where are the E-bikes ?

From the beginning of December 2017, the pilot has suffered from the poor weather condition especially when it snows and the road cleaning machinery requires that the temporary electricity connection to the pilot station to be removed.

It is believed that the shutdown of the pilot for the time being would benefit the road cleaning operation which has been highly anticipated by the land owner. We are working closely with the landlord to continue working on the pilot.

Feel free to comment and let us know (contact us) in which way you want to see the site in the coming spring.


The site is finally back on-line over the summer 2018.

We love summer!

Feel free to contact us if you have any thought / idea on the next move of the project.


// The Arrowspeed Project Team

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