ESS pilot at iHus

Industri hus (iHus), literally the industry house company, belongs to the Municipality of Uppsala. The company has a range of different facilities suitable for different type of businesses. Vaksala-Eke is one of it premises located just to the east of the city. There is an iconic solar panel that one can hardly miss when driving Read more about ESS pilot at iHus[…]

New Pilot in Uppsala?

Arrowspeed is expanding. We are now planning to extend the E-bike sharing system pilot in Uppsala. We have been actively negotiating with (several) land owners so that we can decide and launch the new installation soon. The installation of scattered nodes is the first step to create an E-bike sharing network. We expect that more Read more about New Pilot in Uppsala?[…]

Pilot: Ultuna E-bike sharing (Uppsala)

Green Innovation Park is a joint venture of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Akademiska Hus in an attempt to open up Campus Ultuna for activities other than the academy. The area has been the home of agricultural education in Sweden since the 1840s. SLU (Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet) was established in 1975 and the formation Read more about Pilot: Ultuna E-bike sharing (Uppsala)[…]

Pilot: UBP E-bike sharing (Uppsala)

Uppsala Business Park (UBP), located to the southeast of the town center, is a unique set of premises with laboratories, clean rooms and various pilot facilities for pharmaceutical research and production. UBP employs over 2,500 people in more than 80 different companies. The Arrowspeed E-bike sharing system pilot is launched at UBP with premise support Read more about Pilot: UBP E-bike sharing (Uppsala)[…]